What Does the Chamber Do For Me?

We get this question a lot, from the small retailer, the industry leader, the professional person and so on. Most have trouble equating the Chamber with what happens in a community and how it affects them.

Let’s look at that…What’s in it for me? Let’s start with the community retail person first. What would happen if there were no customers? Customers have to have money to buy. Where do they get the money to buy? From a job created and provided by business and industry.

And what about industry…Where do they get the employees to work, so that they have a product to sell (or a service to provide)? They get employees from the residents of the community.

And what about the professional…Where do they get their clients, patients and customers? From the same community. If all these entities get their work force, customers, clients and patients from the community….doesn’t it stand to reason that a healthy community supports all these entities. A community with a healthy growth pattern, things to do, events to attend, shops to browse. One that looks at what needs to be done and sets about making it happen. That takes dedicated people -because nothing happens unless people get involved and make it happen.And that is where your local Chamber enters the picture.

The purpose…the reason for the Chamber to exist…is to advance the civic, economic and social welfare of the people of the area. What exactly does that mean? It means that we (the Chamber) must stay on top of what the community needs are…and put into action those things that cause those needs to be satisfied. It means a healthy community in which to live and do business, and jobs for the people that live there. A community where people want to live and work.

Chamber staff spends their time and energy working to make the community a better place to live, work and raise children. They work constantly, with all kinds of businesses, to satisfy their needs. Whether it is a new business seeking a location, another wanting to expand or a building or space that is available…or…whether they are seeking information or have questions as to where they need to go to get the proper information…we try hard to have the information on hand or to direct the prospect to the right person(s) or agency.

What we are talking about is service. Service to our membership and the community. Provided by your membership investment. Without membership investments we would not exist. There would be no one to do the work that you alone cannot do. No one to greet and help integrate newcomers to our community…no one for the businesses to look to for answers for their needs…no one to work in so many areas for you.

When you invest in the Chamber by joining, you are making an investment in your community. Please help us make good things happen in the community by investing in the Chamber today!

When you invest in the Chamber by becoming a member, you are making an investment in your community. Please help us make good things happen in the community by investing in the Chamber today!